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Back to the Blues Progress Report - July 10 

Hello and Happy Summer!

A quick update to let you know that, while progress has slowed on the Back to the Blues recording project due to summer vacation schedules and the like, we are still forging ahead. We've laid down drums, bass, keys and guitar for 9 of the 10 tunes on the album and are waiting for our recording engineer to return from Europe later this month. Once he is back in the country, we'll get the scaffolding of the last tune recorded and then get started on vocals, solos, and mixing. 

I'm still hoping for late Summer or early Fall for the release and I'm very excited about bringing this project to life and sharing the album with all of you.


Back to the Blues Progress Report - March 18 

I wanted to check in to let you know how excited I am about the progress we're making on recording "Back to the Blues". We've laid down basic track for 8 of the 10 tunes and have rehearsed the other two songs. We've had some scheduling challenges getting us all together to record them but that looks like it's coming together in early April. Then it'll be on to recording solos and vocals, and then mixing. So excited to move things forward.

To that end, I wanted to tell you that we'll be playing four of the tunes from the album at a showcase on the stage at Mockingbird Music in Mansfield, MA on Sunday March 25th at 7pm. You'll have to come to the show to find out which four songs we're playing. ;) More info on the showcase at Mockingbird Music. Hope to see you there.

Back to the Blues Progress Report - January 13 

Just a quick update on the progress we're making on Back to the Blues. We got bogged down a bit over the Holidays, but are getting back in full swing this weekend. We have the bed and backing tracks for three of the ten tunes and will be recording two more tomorrow, so we'll be halfway done with the basics. So excited to get back at it.

We're still on target for a late March 2018 release date.